Code of Conduct

We at Q6 are committed to maintaining ethical and social values in the workplace. We have and will continue to uphold the highest standards of integrity and respect for others and expect that same from those with whom we work.

All Models and Actors must be treated with respect and professionalism and we will continue to communicate that requirement to all parties with whom our Talent interact with. We require that all Models and Actors should be provided with a safe, drug and alcohol free work environment, sufficient privacy while dressing, and be provided with all breaks and meals as required by State Law. Should we learn of any violation of these requirements or discover that any of our Talent have been subject to inappropriate conduct or conditions of any kind including, sexual advances or propositions, inappropriate physical contact, emotional or sexual coercion, offensive or derogatory comments or language, or invasion of privacy we will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to remove the Talent from harm’s way and to remedy the situation.

We will work with our clients to ensure that the physical and mental health, safety, wellbeing and dignity of our Talent are protected and maintained while they are on assignment. We will advise clients they may not insist or request that a model perform any activity that may be degrading, unprofessional or demeaning, or to request that a talent perform any activity that may be dangerous, without having first raised the risk with Q6 and with the model, and having obtained the talents' written consent. Any nudity, semi-nudity or sexualized content or situations must be pre-approved in writing by the talent.

We believe in transparency, Models and Actors are provided with rate, usages, and client expectations at the time of casting, and again during the booking process.